Friendly Guidance in the Wild West of Online Business

The Zen Guide to the New Rules of Internet Marketing

I’m not here to blow your mind. I just want internet marketing to make complete sense to you in as little time as possible, so you can be awesome at it tomorrow. Once you understand how the game has changed, you will see evidence of it everywhere you look. You will get it. And then […]

Want to become an entrepreneur? Here’s your initiation

An old man walked up to me today. In the sort of wisdom that age forces on a man, he told me the story of a wasted life, loneliness, his rundown home he’s trading for a meager retirement. With these parting words, he trudged on down the sidewalk. “You can’t run from things.” You’re doomed You have only […]

Your Story Changes Everything

I knew I was making incredible progress toward my dream. I believed in myself. I knew I would succeed. It wasn’t enough. The breakthrough didn’t come soon enough and I ran out of steam. So I turned around, despairing, and moved what felt like backward, to where I started, except older, tireder, and defeated. I […]