Want to become an entrepreneur? Here’s your initiation

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An old man walked up to me today. In the sort of wisdom that age forces on a man, he told me the story of a wasted life, loneliness, his rundown home he’s trading for a meager retirement. With these parting words, he trudged on down the sidewalk. “You can’t run from things.” You’re doomed You have only […]

Your Story Changes Everything

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I knew I was making incredible progress toward my dream. I believed in myself. I knew I would succeed. It wasn’t enough. The breakthrough didn’t come soon enough and I ran out of steam. So I turned around, despairing, and moved what felt like backward, to where I started, except older, tireder, and defeated. I […]

4 Superpowers an Effective Business Website Gives You

Getting a new website gives you new powers. But it can be tricky to know what these powers are good for.
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A business website. A tool that enables you to create a message that can be viewed by the entire world, any time, anywhere, forever. And it costs practically nothing. Without a website, you can’t do that. Get your own website, and now you can. Stop and think about that for a moment. That’s powerful. So powerful […]

The Power of Simple Systems

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What if I told you that you could have a breakthrough today? Something simple that makes your life, or business, better forever. You’d be interested, right? But skeptical. Usually we’re being swirled about in a hurricane of to-do’s, reacting to events, over-committing ourselves, and groaning about how few hours are in the day. Yes, that’s […]

Discomfort Makes You Superhuman

Superman Card Game by Whitman (1978) - Green Kryptonite

This productivity hack comes from  the story of Shawn and Amy, ages 7 and 5. In rambunctious play, older brother Shawn knocks his younger sister Amy off the top bunk. She lands on all fours, jamming her still-healing, still-tender broken arm. Her face contorts and tears well up as she prepares for a piercing wail […]

The Easy Way to Embed Video in WordPress


This simple method is faster and easier than using embed codes, and it’s built into WordPress, so you don’t need any plugins.

The Fastest Way to Profit Selling Your Services Online

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Before you fiddle around with blogging, social media and SEO, do you have a complete selling system in place? If not, do that first.